Natalie Nunn Talks Tommie Lee Boxing Match: "This Ain't The Smoke You Want"

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The two women are known for their tempers, and they're reportedly slated to face off in the ring sometime in the Spring.

Fans of Natalie Nunn and Tommie Lee were perplexed last week when the unexpected announcement was made that the two reality stars would be facing off in the ring. The celebrity boxing match seemed to be confirmed through a series of speculation and acceptance videos, but nonetheless, the two women have agreed to go round for round. At this stage, according to Nunn, there are many offers on the table as to who will host the event, but it's reportedly slated to take place sometime in March.

Tommie uploaded a video accepting the invitation to fight while Natalie responded with a clip of herself boxing in the gym. Both women have long-standing reputations for their hot-headed—and sometimes physically violent—nature, so people are wondering who will best in this bout. Recently, Natalie spoke about the upcoming match and made it clear that she's not one to be underestimated.

"'Cause I was like, this ain't the smoke you want, sis. I just naturally started clapping back," said Natalie of her back-and-forth with Lee. She also added that the Zeus network has put in a bid to air the event. "Now this fight has to happen and I don't know if that's what sis really wants." 

Expect to hear more trash-talk from these ladies in the weeks to come as their match looms. Check out a few posts below.

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