Chad Johnson was a superstar wide receiver when he was in his prime and while his career may have ended a bit earlier than some would have expected, there is no doubt that he left a solid impact on the league. Now, at 43 years old, Johnson will be making his boxing debut tonight as he takes on Brian Maxwell during the undercard of the Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul fight.

Boxing is certainly a bit foreign to him although it seems like he could have a solid chance at winning tonight. As for his sporting career beyond tonight, Johnson is interested in going back to the NFL. After seeing Tim Tebow’s journey back into the league, Johnson believes he could make an impact on a team, and he’s also confident that his conditioning is where it needs to be.

Chad Johnson Claims He Could Make It In The NFL At 43
Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

“I don’t think they would do it for the simple fact that they know I’m in tiptop shape and I would probably make the team,” Johnson said while appearing on The Ringer’s Slow News Day. “And I’m not trying to be arrogant. I’m not trying to be cocky. I could make all 32 teams if given the opportunity. Easily. Nothing has changed. Same size. Speed might have decreased a little bit. I’ve never been hurt before. I haven’t stopped moving, stopped being active since I haven’t played. Put me in the right situation and damn right I’d make the team.”

Johnson also said that he would love to play for the Kansas City Chiefs and that he would most likely be a third-down type of player. For now, it remains to be seen if he will pursue this comeback, although it is fun to imagine what it would be like if he were to come back.

Chad Johnson Claims He Could Make It In The NFL At 43
Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images