We like to think that famous people are unfazed by their fellow celebrities, but Brandy readily admits that she has fangirled in the past. The music icon has been in the industry since she was a young teen as she’s crossed the lines of the music, film, and television industries. Brandy is beloved by millions around the globe, not only due to her talents but because she’s a star who fans believe is relatable. She solidified that assumption when she recently chatted with her longtime from Andra Fuller.

In a split-screen Instagram Live session, Fuller and Brandy relived some of their funniest moments. Fuller recalled attending a concert with the singer and when they went backstage, Brandy stood shocked when she saw Nicki Minaj in person.

Brandy Details Fangirling For Nicki Minaj: "I Lost It When I Saw Her"
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

“The dressing room door opens, so me and Brandy walk in the dressing room,” Fuller began. “Nobody’s in the dressing room except me, Brandy, Puffy, Nas, and…” His revelation was interrupted by Brandy who wanted to deliver the news herself. “And Nicki Minaj!” said the singer. “I saw Nick Minaj—My fangirl is, my swag is not…it goes away when I am invested in a certain…I don’t want to say…a certain artist. And I love Nicki Minaj, so I lost it when I saw her.” 

“She was like, ‘You okay?’ I was like, ‘No. I’m not okay,'” Brandy joked. “Then I saw Nas and I was so glad that we got a chance to tell them how much that concert meant to us.” Listen to Brandy’s brief story about her run-in with the Queens icon below.