We’re fast approaching Lifetime’s Salt-N-Pepa biopic’s premiere, and the drama surrounding the film is already unfolding. We’ve previously reported on the strained relationship between Diedra “DJ Spinderella” Roper and her former groupmates Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton, but her removal from the biopic escalated the rift. On Friday (January 22), the day before the film’s premiere, Spinderella took to both Twitter and Instagram to share her “disappointment” in being excluded from the story of the group’s development.


“There’s nothing more unacceptable than a woman being silenced by another woman,” wrote Spin. “It is for this reason, I will not be supporting this biopic.” Meanwhile, Pepa spoke with the New York Post about this film, revealing that it was a struggle for her to accurately share the alleged domestic violence she claims she endured while married to Naughty By Nature’s Treach.

Nothing was off-limits,” the 54-year-old rap legend told the outlet. “In the movie, I didn’t just want to focus on the negative things between us. I wanted to be fair to [Treach] and show that despite the bad, he was a good guy, too.”

“People will get to see the struggle we endured as female rappers in a male-dominated industry,” she added. “We had to fight for our voices to be heard.” In the coming months, Salt-N-Pepa will be honored at the Grammys as the recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award, followed by the celebration of their Hollywood Walk of Fame star. The Hip Hop duo is also open to getting back into the studio, however, they haven’t carved out plans to do so just yet. Check out a few posts below.