Former Brooklyn Center Officer Kim Potter has posted her $100,000 bond and is home with her loved ones. The 26-year veteran shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop over the weekend and later reportedly claimed that she intended to use her Taser. The incident has been dubbed an “accident” by authorities, but Wright’s family is seeking justice.

It’s stated that Wright was initially pulled over due to expired license plate tags but it has also been reported that because he had an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror, he was being cited for obstruction of view. Potter has resigned from her position and has been charged with second-degree manslaughter, a charge that Wright’s family doesn’t feel is enough.

Daunte Wright Shooting: Family Calls For Life Sentence For Kim Potter
Stephen Maturen / Stringer / Getty Images

On Thursday (April 15), Naisha Wright, Daunte’s aunt, gave an impassioned speech at a press conference. If convicted of the manslaughter charge, Potter is reportedly looking at a maximum of 10 years and the Wright family is calling for a life sentence. “Can we get a conviction? Can we get something? Manslaughter?!” said Naisha.

She then held up two photos: one of a bright yellow Taser and another of a police-issued Glock. The two weapons are purposefully made so that when handling, people can tell the difference in grip and trigger. “Please just keep us getting his name out there, and please help us in going to get something done, a conviction, something,” Naisha added.

“My brother and my sister need this woman to be convicted. If we could have life, we want life,” she said of a longer sentence. “We gotta go life without him.” Watch the emotional, and tearful, plea below.