Waco, Texas rapper Wacotron has been rising quickly, earning a co-sign from producer Southside and working with G Herbo, Marshmello, and plenty of others. Earlier this year, he released his debut project SMOKIN TEXAS with twelve records that introduced him to the masses. As he continues to pick up the pace, Wacotron stopped by to let the world know even more about himself, coming through for the latest episode of Top 5s.

The name of the game is simple– we gave Wacotron a few starting points and he let us know his five favorite things in that category. This time around, we asked him for the best things to do in Waco, Texas, his favorite weed strains, and much more.

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Steph Curry Was A Star Before The Rest Of Us">

As it pertains to Wacotron’s favorite movies, he has an affinity for the 1993 Western Tombstone. Surprisingly, he also had a pretty underrated pick for his top sneakers, going with the Air Jordan 14s. We also asked the rapper for his top athletes, which is when he revealed that he knew Steph Curry was a superstar before the rest of us.

Ranking him at the second spot behind Kobe Bryant, Wacotron said that he used to always play as the Warriors on NBA 2K, back when Curry was teaming with Monta Ellis, David Lee, and Andrew Bogut. “We used to play the 2K at my partner’s house. Everybody used to play with the good team, like the Miami Heat, I used to get the Warriors,” he said. “I really used to get them because of Monta Ellis but that n***a Steph, I was already going off with him. He wasn’t doing this then though. This was way before. When he started going off with Klay, I was like, ‘Damn, that’s crazy, I used to play with this n***a.’ So that’s why I like that n***a, shit, I already fucked with him for no reason.”

Watch the full episode of Top 5s with Wacotron above.

Wacotron Knew Steph Curry Was A Star Before The Rest Of Us