Boosie Gets Back To Work, Shows Off Heavily-Bandaged Leg

Boosie Badazz recently revealed that he needs a third surgery on his leg but he’s already lining up club appearances and performances for this weekend.

BYAlex Zidel
Boosie Gets Back To Work, Shows Off Heavily-Bandaged Leg

Boosie Badazz is recovering from a shooting, which left him needing two surgeries on his leg, but he's already getting back to work, announcing his upcoming club appearances and performances.

This week, the Baton Rouge rap legend revealed that he requires a third surgery in order to fully recover from his gunshot wounds. His doctor likely recommended a lot of rest too, probably advising him to stay away from crowded nightclubs and staying on his feet for too long. Boosie is gonna do him though, revealing that he's already getting back on his grind with two performances this week alone.

On Instagram, Boosie shared a video of himself relaxing at home, watching his kids play on a trampoline as his son drained an impressive shot on the private basketball court. At the beginning of the clip, Boosie shows a glimpse of his heavily-bandaged leg, which is resting on an elevated surface.

His following posts were to promote two parties that he'll be hosting in South Carolina and Alabama, meaning that he's already back on the road. "WTF YALL THOUGHT I’m STILL PERFORMING," wrote the outspoken rapper, never passing up an opportunity to get a bag. "YALL GOTTA SANG MY SONGS THO IM GO BE N A WHEELCHAIR N ONLY ON STAGE 30 MINUTES."

On Thursday night, he'll be celebrating Thanksgiving from the club and, on Saturday night, he's headed to another state for a Birthday Bash.

Hopefully, Boosie gets enough rest to offset his decision to continue his club appearances. Those hospital bills won't pay themselves, though. Praying for a speedy recovery!

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