Iggy Azalea has gone right back to business following a drama-filled holiday season, calling out the father of her baby, Playboi Carti, for essentially being a deadbeat. The Aussie rapper spent much of the holidays airing out their dirty laundry and claiming that Carti was not present for the birth of their son, cheated on her for the length of her pregnancy, and more. 

Promising that she has new music on the way, Iggy has been interacting with her loyal fanbase consistently for the last few weeks, encouraging them to practice self-love on Sunday by posting a picture that they had previously worried about sharing. She did the same, uploading a shot that she’s seemingly been sitting on for a minute.


“Post that pic feelin yourself ‘too’ much, that you really love but are worried about what ppl might think,” wrote Iggy as her caption. In the picture, she wears a white mesh top over a blue sports bra and matching underwear.

Iggy has even been helping fans with their confidence by sliding into their comments, gassing people up because she “got time”. 

This weekend, Iggy went viral with her take on the “Buss It” challenge, which has taken over social media to start the year. Did she have the best one so far?