Tiny & Shekinah Jo’s Beef Continues As Singer Says “Stop Harassing Me”

Tiny is preparing for her “Verzuz” while Shekinah claims “someone” is paying off blogs.

BYErika Marie
Tiny & Shekinah Jo’s Beef Continues As Singer Says “Stop Harassing Me”

The Harris household is having a busy season. T.I. is continuing his activism efforts, Tiny is preparing for her Xscape Verzuz match-up with SWV this weekend, and they're both dealing with those sexual assault allegations. There are reportedly over a dozen women who have alleged that the couple has harassed, assaulted, or drugged them—all accusations that both T.I. and Tiny have repeatedly denied.

During the fallout, it has surfaced that Tiny's longstanding friendship with Shekinah Jo Anderson has come to a screeching halt. They've appeared on shows and podcasts together and even hosted a few gigs alongside the other, but they've been ensnared in a public meltdown that has gotten downright ugly on social media.

Tiny & Shekinah Jo's Beef Continues As Singer Says "Stop Harassing Me"
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On Wednesday (May 5), Shekinah returned with new allegations. "I just found out someone is paying for & asking that the blogs talk bad on me," she wrote. "Check this out. I can triple what they are paying you!! Inbox me blogs!! Yall better go find someone to play with!! I am not her!!" She added, "Dizzy dummies!!!! P.S.A. leave me the F*CK alone!!! I mean now!!!!!!"

Following Shekinah's post, Tiny indirectly responded on her Instagram Story. "Pls live your life & stop harassing me!" she wrote over a brief video of herself at rehearsal. "I'm trying to prepare for Verzuz babe damn! [eye roll emoji][faceplam emoji]." Check it all out below.

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