Though Logic is technically retired, fans have remained cognizant of an integral truth — in hip-hop, retirement is only temporary. If there’s anything rappers love more than the hype surrounding a retirement run, it’s declaring themselves to be back. To Logic’s credit, he has been keeping a low profile since bowing out with No Pressure, though he’s made sure to scratch his creative itch by getting back into his beat-making bag. Now, it would appear that Bobby Tarantino is looking to test the waters once more, announcing and unveiling the latest BobbyBoy signee Doctor Destruction.

Logic's New Signee Sparks Alter-Ego Speculation
 Joseph Okpako/WireImage/Getty Images

Taking a page out of the late MF DOOM’s playbook, Doctor Destruction appears to prefer the incognito route, donning a mask that conceals his true identity. In fact, the rapper’s mysterious nature has some speculating that Logic has actually created a new alter-ego, one that might allow him to slide back into the game without the fanfare. For the most part, however, Logic appears to be fully committing to the rollout, praising his new signee’s imagination and teasing a debut mixtape release on January 22nd.

Explaining that he originally met Doctor D three years ago (“he claims to be from the year 2097”), Logic seemed particularly impressed by the rapper’s dedication to preserving hip-hop’s roots. “This kid is full of imagination. So strap on your space suit and get ready for his free debut album (not mixtape) releasing on Friday the 22nd on @DatPiff,” tweets Bobby. “Go show him endless love and support. It’s a special project.”

Despite sharing a brief clip of the two artists vibing together in the same room, that hasn’t stopped the fans from believing that Doctor Destruction is Logic in disguise. In any case, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out. Look for vocal modulation to be the dead giveaway when Destruction’s debut mixtape drops on January 22nd.