Everything We Know About Travi$ Scott's "Rodeo"

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Everything we know about Travi$ Scott's upcoming debut album.

Travi$ Scott's last mixtape, one of the most talked about of last year, as well as his nationwide tour with Young Thug, which, too, has created quite a stir, were both preludes to Rodeo, the long-awaited debut album. The 23-year-old Houston rapper/producer, mentored by Kanye West and T.I., has collaborated with, produced for, and written hits for the best in the business. He made the Freshmen cover in 2013, and though we still haven't got an album from La Flame, he's continued to be the face of hip-hop's new wave, one that knows no boundaries, conventions, or sobriety. 

We just got Rodeo's first single, a dark, chilling banger that's a showcase of just how well connected Travi$ is in today's young scene. We've caught a few hints that we're not far away from what's sure to be a game-shaking debut. 

Here's everything we know about Rodeo-- as well as a few predictions we can only hope for. 


Everything We Know About Travi$ Scott's "Rodeo"


Everything We Know About Travi$ Scott's "Rodeo"

This past weekend, Travi$ Scott headlined the Festival Stage at Summer Jam, and though a parking lot full of teenage ragers eagerly awaited one of his signature high-octane performances, it was clear from the get-go that Travi$ was vexed at HOT 97 for not letting him inside the stadium for the main event. Unfortunately, Trav's usual blend of rage and adrenaline was fueled by his own conceit, and his semantics overshadowed the "Rodeo" that Trav usually incites at his shows. 

There were highlights, though, such as when he debuted the lead single off Rodeo to a huge response. The next day, we got the CDQ, and learned "3500" was a collaboration from some of the biggest names in Atlanta. Indeed, each of their contributions can be heard on the single, which clocks in at just under eight minutes. We heard Future take the intro during Summer Jam, and we thought it might be him on the hook: A dark, 56 Nights-style thug cry: "Only trill niggas I know." But, a little less slurred, it's actually Travi$. Later on in the Zaytoven & Metro Boomin-produced banger, Future gives us an extended verse, as does Tity Two Necklace. 

Some non-ATL producers also help out on the beat, including: GOOD's in-house OG Mike Dean (who plays guitar for Trav on tour), Mano (Kanye's former DJ), and Allen Ritter. You won't find a better production lineup on a track all year, save for maybe "All Day," which also featured Mike, Allen, and Travi$. 

The title shows up on the hook: "3500 for the coat." That's seems about Trav's price range, though he recently shared an Instagram of an article from the gossip wing of the New York Post, the headline of which read: "Is North West wearing a $3,500 coat?"


A photo posted by flame (@travisscott) on

Drugs, as is typical with Travi$ and Future, make up much of the song's content. The hook starts with, "30's in the city movin' slow," which could suggest rim size, but more likely, as "only real niggas stay afloat," refers to 30mg Percocets, an Rx that Future "proudly" ingests later on his verse. Future is battling substances harder than he did on Monster here, notifying us: "You can smell promethazine when I piss." The next line goes: "I pray to God he bring me Actavis." Lord, check this man into rehab. 

In the next verse, 2 Chainz lets us know he's been real since Day 1: "I was born with a mean mug / I was born with some nappy hair / Drinkin' breast milk out a lean cup." 

Emoji of the summer App comin with song. @coreydamonblack

A photo posted by flame (@travisscott) on


β€” TRAVIS SCOTT (@trvisXX) June 5, 2015


Everything We Know About Travi$ Scott's "Rodeo"

Travi$ Scott's last mixtape was Days Before Rodeo. Though it was just a preamble, the title suggested cowboys, maybe a Western theme, which would be reaffirmed (in a dark and druggy way) in the "Don't Play" video, as well as in Trav's tour posters.

Travis explained album title earlier this year, saying, "It's like a BeyoncΓ© concert. The carnival, the livestock, and the show are all parts of the event." I gotta start hitting up these 'YoncΓ© shows. Trav goes on to say the inspiration comes from the rodeos he's witnessed in his home state of Texas. We've already seen the livestock show, or heard the sonic equivalent: "I'm riding a bull for just eight seconds and it's hard as fuck." Now, on to the carnival, the main event, or "the drive behind my vision," a thrilling spectacle, no doubt. We'll still come face-to-face with a beast, though this time, Travi$ will have full grasp of the reigns. 


Everything We Know About Travi$ Scott's "Rodeo"

So we got Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, Million $ Mano, Mike Dean, and Allen Ritter on "3500." That's enough for a helluva record, but there's more. On Twitter, Travis thanked some of the Rodeo contributors in advance, and in addition to the aforementioned producers, he mentioned: Sonny Digital, Southside, TM88, and the 18-year-old OVO prodigy WondaGurl. He also mentions 'Ye, and it would be surprising if Kanye didn't have any production creds-- which an ensuing tweet may suggest-- but regardless, Kanye will likely be involved in some capacity. 

With Metro, Zaytoven, Sonny D, and the two 808 Mafia co-founders, you might as well call Rodeo an Atlanta record. 

Metro ,sunny ,Wondagurl, Allen, Southside, Tm, mike dean, Ye thank u in advance

β€” TRAVIS SCOTT (@trvisXX) June 3, 2015

@trvisXX no thank you bro working with you has made me a better producer πŸ„πŸ»πŸ„πŸΏπŸ„πŸ½πŸ„πŸ„πŸΎβš‘οΈ

β€” TM88 (@IamTM88) June 3, 2015

Youth Gone Wild

Everything We Know About Travi$ Scott's "Rodeo"

Travi$ fancies himself a leader of the youth revolution-- one that's looking to replace any hint of contemplation with drug-imbued recklessness. Creativity is synonymous with youth, and you can't be creative without exploring, or rather, forcing yourself into, different mind-states. He's proceeding according to the law of diminishing returns, each song sounding more bonkers than the last in order to attain the same high. 

He made a bold tweet outlining his Rodeo mission statement: "The youth has the sound I will prove." He also tweeted. He also tweeted, "Every producer I work with on this album is my age or a couple years younger or older," further proving the album will reflect the spirit of our most creative youth.

Well, Houston legend Mike Dean is 51, and Kanye, who we'll assume has production creds, is 38, though in spirit (and hormones), he's probably the youngest of the bunch.


Every producer I work with on this album is my age or a couple years younger or older.

β€” TRAVIS SCOTT (@trvisXX) June 3, 2015

The youth has the sound I will prove.

β€” TRAVIS SCOTT (@trvisXX) June 3, 2015

Release Date

Everything We Know About Travi$ Scott's "Rodeo"

At the beginning of the year, Travi$ announced we'd get Rodeo in March. As March passed without any word from Trav, he seemed to follow his mentor's footsteps by eschewing a release date altogether. 

Last Thursday (June 4), Mike Dean, who's clearly very involved with this album, hinted at an imminent release date, tweeting: "It truly is days before rodeo." It's now been five days since the tweet, though I suppose Mike's statement would remain irrefutable even if we the album in a year. Maybe Mike was referring to the premiere of "3500," but let's keep our fingers crossed for a surprise this week.  


It truly is days before rodeo. @trvisXX

β€” MIKE DEAN! #MWA (@therealmikedean) June 5, 2015

Yesterday, T.I., perhaps unwittingly, gave us the most forthcoming answer so far, telling Billboard that Trav's album would be out at the end of the summer. Rodeo will be released on T.I.'s own Grand Hustle and Epic, so we can expect him to have some oversight of the album, or at least of its promotion. 

He also said the album would be "probably one of the most revered solo albums probably since Kendrick," presumably talking about TPAB. He clarified: "Not in the same vein as Kendrick, but just in a whole other badass, rebellious, 'fuck you,' grown people kind of way." 


Everything We Know About Travi$ Scott's "Rodeo"

This section's a bit misleading, as we haven't gotten any confirmed features, except for those who guested on "3500," of course, and 99% likely, Kanye West. With regard to the latter, Travi$ has openly acknowledged 'Ye's contributions, in whatever capacity, and T.I., in the same Billboard interview, basically confirmed his appearance, too. When asked if there was any Kanye on Rodeo, T.I. responded, "Yes, there's conversation's of it." Hopefully, Tip isn't all talk. 

Now, playing the speculation game, there are a few other names we had in mind. Drake isn't too generous with his features (unless it's an artist who he can propel to fame and take credit for), but as Trav was one of three features on IYRTITL, perhaps he'll return the favor. I'm also thinking we'll get some Young Thug, Trav's "Rodeo" clown and kindred spirit, who has a similarly confusing deal with T.I.'s Grand Hustle. 

T.I. laid a pretty mean verse on Barter 6, which should prove he's not too old for the Rodeo. He's already issued high praise for the album, so it wouldn't be surprising if he was a part of it. Anyone else on Grand Hustle? Young Dro? B.o.B.? Don't think so...

Moving on to GOOD Music, where Trav has found a creative home, despite his role not being completely clear. Big Sean was featured on one of the best tracks off Days Before Rodeo, so no reason he can't get on the real thing. Pusha T and Trav and Trav have collab'd a few times, most recently on a criminally slept-on Major Lazer track

Last, Trav told us earlier this year that he was unwilling to release his debut album without a feature from Kid Cudi, no longer on GOOD, but still Trav's #1 hero; "There'd be no Travi$ Scott if it wasn't for him." Though Cudder's been in Hollywood recently, he's also got an album on the way. Hopefully, he can make Trav's (and many of our own) dreams come true. 

Any other guesses? 

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