Pooh Shiesty Thinks Nothing Of 6ix9ine

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Pooh Shiesty 6ix9ine
Pooh Shiesty compares 6ix9ine to an actual rat.

With his comeback effort in full effect, Tekashi 6ix9ine is hoping that people are willing to rock with him another time. Following his failed attempt last year, which included his fleeting TattleTales album, the rainbow-haired rapper is looking to make another splash in hip-hop with his upcoming releases. He has previewed two new songs, which have gotten people excited about his return, matching his 100,000 comment request on both Instagram posts. However, is his time as a relevant rapper finished?

These days, other stars, including Pooh Shiesty, have the charts on lock. The Memphis rapper has been one of this year's rappers to watch, recently going gold with his Lil Durk collaboration "Back In Blood" and impressing the masses with his debut mixtape Shiesty Season. He isn't letting up anytime soon either, dropping another new record this week. Speaking on the street code, Pooh Shiesty revealed on Instagram where 6ix9ine stands in his book, and it's not anywhere favorable. 

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"You street rats ain't no betta than Six9ine," wrote the Memphis stepper on Instagram Stories. "A rat is a rat."

Clearly, Pooh doesn't think much of the admitted snitch, who put a lot of his crew behind bars to lighten his own sentence. 

Pooh Shiesty is having one of the best weeks of his life, projected to sell around 60,000 units of his debut mixtape in its first week out. Have you listened to the tape yet?

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