King Von’s manager has said that, in the weeks leading up to the rapper’s tragic death, he was gathering a bunch of content to release during the rollout for Welcome To O’Block, the album that dropped just days before Von’s shooting. His team mentioned new music, videos, and interviews that would trickle out and continue to bring eyes to the rapper’s career. Over the weekend, XXL released an interview that was conducted two weeks prior to Von’s murder, in which the rapper revealed he was living just outside of Atlanta.

King Von Explains Why He Was In Atlanta In Posthumously-Released Interview
Prince Williams/Getty Images

The rapper was often spotted in and around Atlanta in his final days, with many wondering why he was moving around out there instead of his beloved O’Block in Chicago. He answered why in his posthumously-released interview with XXL.

Telling the interviewer that he was at his house “50 minutes out of Atlanta”, Von explained that he liked how quiet it was. When asked why he was out there, he said, “Because this was where Durk was at. Durk picked it. It’s the only place I had to go other than Chicago, so I came out here with him.” He didn’t necessarily miss Chicago though, saying, “Nah, I see Chicago often. I go out there, so nah, I don’t miss it. It’s right there.”

King Von Explains Why He Was In Atlanta In Posthumously-Released Interview
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During the interview, King Von also speaks about how he started rapping, how he wrote his stories, his love of reading, and more. Read the full interview here.

Today, the rapper’s estate released the music video for “Armed & Dangerous”, which you can watch here.