Night Lovell Is Back With "Just Say You Don't Care"

Night Lovell drops his first full-length project since signing to G59, "Just Say You Don't Care."

BYRose Lilah

It's been two years since Ottawa-bred rapper Night Lovell blessed his cult-like following with GOODNIGHT LOVELL, and since that time, he's inked a new record deal with G59 Records, the same imprint that is home to $uicideboys, Shakewell, Ramirez, and Germ-- so it's clear that Lovell's equally dark and sinister style will fit right in among his labelmates. Although it's worth noting, none make an appearance on this particular project -- nor do any other features.

Instead, the rapper explores the depths of his voice on Just Say You Don't Care, while pushing his woozy, and sometimes satanic, atmospheric melodies forward. It's been territory that he's explored ever since his debut, Red Teenage Melody (still worth revisiting if you've never heard it). The new album contains 14 records, including lead singles like "Counting Down the List," "Bottom Top" and "Alone."

We also featured Night as On the Come Up back in 2018-- if you missed that, or are unfamiliar, catch up below.

Check out Just Say You Don't Care and let us know if you'll be keeping it on rotation this weekend. Any immediate stand-outs? Drop them in the comments.

Just Say You Don't Care Tracklist

1. Trying to Float

2. Smoke Screen

3. Bandage

4. I Know Your Ways

5. You Motherfucker

6. Call Me Water

7. Sadly I Cannot Control

8. Ten Wishes

9. Bottom Top

10. Puppet

11. On the Hill

12. Crawl

13. Counting Down the List

14. Alone

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