J. Cole is trending on Twitter and, considering his general inactivity on social media, people rushed into the topic to see what had happened. Did he finally release his long-anticipated album The Fall Off?

Unfortunately, the answer to that is a solid no. The Dreamville general did not release any new music. In fact, he’s not even trending for something that he did himself.

J. Cole Trends On Twitter But It's Not Because He Released New Music
Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, Kenny Beats was trending on Twitter because of people having fun with his name. “Kenny Beats starts farming. Kenny Beets,” wrote one account at the height of that trend, creating thousands of other tweets using Kenny’s name to make puns and rhymes.

The exact same thing is happening to J. Cole right now, and some people are getting pretty creative.

J Cole gets a strike. J bowls,” laughed his labelmate Cozz on Twitter. “J Cole eating pineapples. J Dole,” added Van Lathan.

Of course, some people are inadvertently adding to the trend’s power by commenting on how they were duped into thinking something had gone down, with one of the most popular tweets coming from somebody who complained about the situation.

J. Cole trending and I thought he dropped a surprise album,” they said. 


It looks like this is becoming a regular thing. Drop your best J. Cole name puns in the comments.