Kenny Beats is one of the most sought-after producers in the entire world and it is easy to see why. He is extremely versatile when it comes to his production and he has helped provide hits to various artists in hip-hop. The artist has been able to maintain a large presence on social media, especially when it comes to his Twitch channel where he can be found making beats in a live show format. In addition to this, he has also helped raise money for various causes using his platform on Twitch.

When Kenny trends on Twitter, it's typically because of his production, or a new hilarious song with Zack Fox. Today, however, the producer began to be flooded with puns related to his name. While the origins of it all seem unknown, thousands of people began to make puns and rhymes based on Kenny's producer name. At one point, Kenny became aware of the trend and was left speechless, as well as annoyed at what he was seeing.

Of course, his annoyance at the tweets only prompted even more jokes, as fans and friends of the artist tried to one-up themselves. Overall, it was some harmless fun to enjoy while secluded during the pandemic.

You can see some of the most creative tweets, below.