Delaware native Lil West has been bubbling for a few years, earning looks from the most reputable sources out there. The young rapper continues to grind, working with an extensive network of producers to chase a sound that he’s excelled in. We’ve seen the star-in-the-making work with Take A Daytrip, Dmac, and other respected producers, and for his new single, he teamed up with Ryan Jacob, Ginseng, and Cedric Madden to deliver his latest record “TMZ!”

The flex-heavy effort is officially out now on Ryan Jacob’s SoundCloud page. It currently hasn’t been uploaded to Spotify, Apple Music, or the other DSPs. Over a cloudy beat, Lil West boasts about his fashion, his women, and more, offering his services to fellow artists for a price.

Listen to the latest single by Lil West and let us know what you think of it.

Quotable Lyrics:

Now they ride my wave and I have everybody listenin’
Chains on like a slave, I think that I’m made for these riches
This is all it takes to get your bae to pay attention
I rock VVS and I rock all gold