Joe Budden Addresses Leaked Phone Call, Bestiality Claims, & More

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Joe Budden dog Cyn Santana

Joe Budden calls out Raqi Thunda for allegedly leaking the phone call between him and Cyn Santana, as well as the legal documents stating that he masturbates his dogs.

The last several weeks have been crazy for Joe Budden. First, the retired rapper and famous podcaster revealed that, after contract negotiations went left, he decided to part ways with Spotify. Then, all sorts of allegations started to come out against him.

Tahiry Jose came forward to say that Joe broke her nose during a domestic dispute, which he has denied. Cyn Santana, Joe's ex-fiancée, also alleged that he had been abusive toward her, physically dragging her in their house in a leaked phone call. Finally, legal documents surfaced where Cyn allegedly details Joe's relationship with his dogs, claiming that he stimulates their genitals.

With everything coming out about him, Joe has no choice but to address everything, taking to Instagram Live to do so.

"I love dogs, hopefully you guys do too," said Joe on Live. "I love animals. I love my dogs who died. Rest in peace to Brooklyn and Harlem. They're turning in their grave reading all this bullshit."

He goes on to explain that, while recording his podcast on Tuesday, so much was happening in his life that he had trouble focusing.

"You guys said I beat women up... again. You guys said that I fucked my dog and it was heavy on me yesterday," he said. Later, he exposes Raqi Thunda for allegedly leaking the phone call between him and Cyn Santana, claiming that she used to work closely with Cyn but, when she noticed Raqi's "toxic" traits, she cut ties with her.

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"So Raqi with her slimy, nasty fucking ass slithered her way into a very vulnerable, impressionable, hurt, and emotional Cynthia [Santana] and she was managing her. She started her management company," says Joe about their falling out. "She was directing videos, she was up on Dyckman. I didn't say a word. During this time, there were threats to take me to court for child support."

Cyn also suggested that somebody close to her had leaked the phone call, not calling out Raqi by name.

What do you make of this?

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