Kim Kardashian is surprisingly extremely understanding of her husband’s recent comments about her and her family, despite the fact that they were pretty damaging. 

Tweeting to his millions of followers that he’s wanted to get a divorce since Kim met with Meek Mill in Los Angeles last year, Kanye West continued his recent string of controversial behavior. However, Kim was actually pretty supportive of her man in her official statement, explaining his bipolar disease and asking for privacy as she hopes to get past this with him. 

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50 Cent Bad-Mouths Kanye West After Kim Kardashian's Statement">
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50 Cent is pretty shocked at how maturely the reality star and business mogul is handling this situation, issuing a new reaction on IG.

Re-posting her response via Instagram Stories, 50 Cent said, “This was cool she’s being very understanding because ya man is bugged out.”

The rapper has been very active as of late, keeping up with this developing situation and adding his two cents whenever something new pops off. He’s made sure to keep updated (much like the rest of us), following the news cycle and praising Kim for her response.

With another night upon us, we’re hoping that Kanye takes it easy. Hopefully, his friend Dame Dash can help him rest following his visit earlier in the day. It would be a shame to wake up to even further tweets from Ye about this mess. At the end of the day, his family is at risk.