Action Bronson Reflects On Mac Miller Collab “Red Dot Music”

Action Bronson connects with Beats 1 Radio to discuss a variety of topics, including his beloved collaboration with the late Mac Miller.

BYMitch Findlay
Action Bronson Reflects On Mac Miller Collab “Red Dot Music”

Throughout his tenure as a modern-day "renaissance man," albeit one who made his mark through an impeccable flow and some of the most imaginative bars known to man, Action Bronson has really done it all. And while he's recently made serious ground as a globetrotting foodie, many still look to Bronsolinio to deliver on the musical tip, as he did on last year's Lamb Over Rice. Today, Action took some time to chop it up with Zane Lowe, where he shared a story about one of his most beloved collaborations -- "Red Dot Music" with Mac Miller.

Action Bronson Reflects On Mac Miller Collab "Red Dot Music"
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"I mean, we were just fans of each other," reflects Bronson. "He really wanted to do music with me and our commission. He came over to the house and we ended up doing that song on his album called 'Red Dot Music" and we were up all night just doing it. We were in the studio. It was just like your little brother was there. Always cheering you on and f-king smiley and just happy in general, just happy to be doing what he's doing. Smoking a lot of weed, making sure that all his boys were good. He was a good kid, man. He's a good kid."

"Man, what I was going to say was he was so young," he continues. "He was famous so young. It's not easy to be famous. He's rich, he's famous, could do what he wants and he still has all this time ahead of you. And by that time, me, myself, I didn't fucking start doing anything until 27. I went through a lot of craziness before that bullshit that builds character and builds selflessness and builds a skin and builds a mind-frame."

Check out the full interview below, courtesy of Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio. Rest in peace Mac Miller. 

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