ShooterGang Kony Embraces Die-Hard Trap With "Still Kony 2"

The street alum recognizes the convergences of his dangerous background and ambitious career path with his newest release.

BYIsaiah Cane

Some of us might have just gone out to dinner with our friends to celebrate our 20th birthday, but for ShooterGang Kony, things are a little different.

Sacramento, California’s own up-and-coming rapper rings in another lap around the sun as Tuesday with the release of his seventh album, Still Kony 2.

The hood MC has been churning out full-length projects at a notable rate, with his debut album, Still Kony, having only dropped in 2017.

In this time, we’ve gotten to witness a pivotal chapter in his life. While his debut showed Kony speaking his deepest and darkest dreams into existence, his latest piece shows us a man now seated at the helm of a new path.

Tracks like “Pain & Promise” and “The Greatest” exist with a grandeur that allows listeners to understand the newly enhanced extremity with which ShooterGang Kony views the world.

His existential musings emerge with a sporadic cadence as he battles sharp, percussion-laden instrumentals to provide a substantive counter to Still Kony 1’s greatest concerns.

Suffice to say, if Still Kony questioned a street kid’s ability to demonstrate the commitment needed for success, Still Kony 2’s “Red Ice” skips the possible yes or no answers to show that he has displayed so much tenacity with his work that it is now the supreme metric for all his other ventures in life, saying, “I’m a hard-headed n***a, you should see me on the job.”

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