Yet another video has surfaced of a racist "Karen." This latest footage shows an exchange between a middle-aged white woman and a black woman in a Sacramento 7-Eleven.

The cause of the argument is unclear, but the white woman screamed “I said excuse me!” again and again before saying the n-word that prompted the smackdown she soon received.

The black woman engaged “Karen” in a heated dialogue until she eventually dared her to repeat herself: “Call me a n***a again ... I'm the right one. Try it.”

The racist “Karen” fell silent. She hesitated and said that she "said excuse me" a few more times. 

“Say n****r again,” challenged the black woman. “Karen” makes up her mind and drops the n-bomb. “N****r,” she boldly declared with a nod.

The black woman immediately swung on “Karen” who leaned on the counter, clinging to the woman’s shirt before lowering herself to the floor.

The next clip shows “Karen” continuing to cling onto the black woman’s shirt. After some time, she finally let go, allowing the woman to exit the store.

Due to the fact that the fight was mutual, Karen said that she did not want to file a complaint. However, authorities said she went on to file a complaint the next day.

Check out the footage below.