The confidence and charisma that Westside Gun exudes on each of his projects is palpable. The Buffalo, New York icon has announced that in about three months he hopes to bow out with a bang in 2021, but before that occurs, Gunn finally brings us his Shady Records debut, Who Made the Sunshine. As expected, the project brings heat from beginning to end, but Westside Gunn recognized that the absence of an Eminem feature will disappoint.

“Shady fans are going to be hurt,” Gunn told Entertainment Weekly with a laugh. “But at the end of the day, I feel like I’m the illest in the entire industry. Not even just as a rapper, but as a curator. I’m a one of one. I don’t feel I have to have Marshall, or call Jay-Z or Kanye. I know I can go to any one of these people and get it, but at the end of the day, I’m my own man.”

Who Made the Sunshine features additions from A.A. Rashid, Benny The Butcher, Conway, Black Thought, Boldy James, Jadakiss, Slick Rick, Busta Rhymes, Stove God Cooks, Flee Lord, Estee Nack, Elcamino, Smoke DZA, Keisha Plum, and Griselda’s First Lady, Armani Caesar. Let us know what you think.


1. Sunshine Intro ft. A.A. Rashid
2. The Butcher and The Blade ft. Benny The Butcher & Conway The Machine
3. Ishkabibble’s ft. Black Thought
4. All Praises ft. Boldy James & Jadakiss
5. Big Basha’s
6. Liz Loves Luger ft. Armani Caesar
7. Ocean Prime ft. Slick Rick & Busta Rhymes
8. Lessie ft. Keisha Plum
9. Frank Murphy ft. Stove God Cooks, Flee Lord, Estee Nack, El Camino, & Smoke DZA
10. Good Night ft. Slick Rick
11. 98 Sabers ft. Armani Caesar, Conway The Machine & Benny The Butcher