Freddie Gibbs Says Instagram Banned Him: “End Of An Era”

Freddie Gibbs recently announced that he’s been banned from Instagram, presumably for his frequently wild, random and rather uncensored Instagram Stories.

BYKeenan Higgins
Freddie Gibbs Says Instagram Banned Him: “End Of An Era”

With all the craziness going on in the world right now given the coronavirus pandemic, we only have but a few things to keep us occupied at the moment during this quarantine period. One of those things just so happens to be the Instagram account of rapper Freddie Gibbs, and now it looks like even that minor joy has been taken away from us.

"They just banned me on Instagram," Gibbs wrote on Twitter not too long ago, summing up everyone's disappointment by adding, "End of an era." There was no reason given to why he got the axe from IG, but if you've ever viewed one of his outrageously-wild IG Stories then it might make a little more sense as to why he got the ban. After retweeting some of the funniest reactions, he followed up by writing another tweet that read, "U know it’s fucked up when Instagram call u and tell u that u banned." Let's just hope this is for play-play, because we could really use the comedic prowess of Gibbs on the 'Gram right about now.

See some of the funniest reactions to Freddie Gibbs getting banned from Instagram below, including his vow to jump on Snapchat in the meantime:

Freddie Gibbs Says Instagram Banned Him: "End Of An Era"
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