At a certain point in his career, Gucci Mane cared so little about his nutrition and health that he would practically poison himself with drugs and poor food choices, fueling his toxic lifestyle before he was able to turn it around in prison. While he was locked up, the Atlanta legend educated himself on how to be healthy, deciding to take exercise seriously and only allowing nutritious foods into his body. 

Now that he’s as ripped as a fitness model, Guwop can comfortably look back at old pictures and clown himself to shreds.

Posting a photo of himself during a performance where he was wearing no shirt, Gucci Mane made fun of himself for his appearance.

Gucci Mane Looks Back: "I Was Fat As Hell"
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

“I was fat as hell,” wrote the rapper, adding a few laughing faces. Indeed, he looks pretty overweight in that picture. His stomach is bloated and it looks as though he could be carrying a child in there. Not a good look for him. Thankfully, nobody can talk shit on how he looks now, switching up his lifestyle and making positive choices to prolong his life.

In recent weeks, Gucci Mane has been teasing a new album, asking fans to come up with a suitable title. He has shared a number of potential covers that he may end up using.

Take a look at the old Gucci and relive some memories.