At this point, Gucci Mane doesn't care about what's happening around him. He doesn't necessarily fit in with the standard way of rolling out and announcing full-length projects, which leaves us wondering if this is his way of telling us to keep an eye on him for the next little while.

We already know about the 1017 compilation project, titled Cold Day In Hell, which is supposedly dropping at the end of this week. It's unclear if that's still in the cards. There is already some cover artwork floating around for that mixtape, so the fans are a little confused as to what just popped up on Guwop's social page.

Gucci Mane
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Sharing a picture with the crew at the gas station, Gucci Mane not-so-subtly flaunted his wealth by posing in front of a red Ferrari and a red Rolls-Royce. His caption, "Bouldercrest Shawty," sounds like it could definitely be an album title and, given the fact that he added a parental advisory sign in the bottom corner, it looks like that might be the case.

Is this a new album announcement or did the artwork for Cold Day In Hell just get switched up at the last minute?

Keep an eye out for Gucci Mane's next moves. Something is up.