Kanye West is back on his Twitter game, showing off tons of prototypes for upcoming sneaker silhouettes, sneak peeks at his GAP collaboration, and more. In the midst of his most recent stream of consciousness, he randomly shouted out DaBabymuch like he did with Lil Baby a couple of weeks ago.

“Lesssgoooooooooooo,” wrote Kanye on Twitter. “Da baby ad lib by the way.”


As we wonder what was going through Kanye’s mind as he sent out a barrage of over thirty tweets last night, DaBaby has officially responded to the shout-out and it was enough to earn the star’s vote.

“Warning. Use the ‘let’s gooo’ adlib at your own risk. It makes you unstoppable,” wrote the chart-topping rapper in response. “Ima let y’all finish…. But you got me fucked up you think I ain’t voting for Ye.”


There you have it… DaBaby will be casting his vote for Kanye 2020, supporting The Birthday Party on their mission to dethrone Donald Trump and block off Joe Biden.

Similar to how DaBaby reacted to Kanye’s shout-out, Lil Baby was also appreciative of the mention. While he didn’t go so far as to claim he would be voting for the artist come November, Lil Baby did take a flight out to Wyoming to work on some music for the possibly obsolete Donda: With Child.