Kanye West is as unpredictable as they come. In his brand new four-hour interview with Forbes, the Presidential hopeful confirmed his run in the upcoming election, spoke out against a coronavirus vaccine, revealed his stance on abortion, and said that he would be running for a new party... the Birthday Party.

An hour into his talk with Forbes, West revealed that his running mate would be Michelle Tidball, a preacher from Wyoming, and that he would be running for the Birthday Party, which he created. Why that name? The reason is simple.

"Because when we win, it’s everybody’s birthday," said West.

Up until two weeks ago, Yeezy was rooting for Trump to win the 2020 election but after catching wind that he hid in his bunker, he lost confidence and decided that only one man was right for the job: himself.

Of course, this all sounds like one crazy parody but, as we've come to realize, this is 2020 and shit is flying off the walls. 

People are reacting to the news that Kanye is legitimately running for President in a wild manner online, critiquing his policies and picking him apart. 

We've compiled some of the most popular reactions below. Will you be voting for Ye?