Yesterday, a bit of sleuthing from ever-astute fans noticed a few similarities in the balconies of both DaBaby and DaniLeigh, thus sparking the idea that perhaps these two are spending quarantine together, and by extension, lending itself to the idea that these two are an item. The rumor mill shows no signs of slowing down with DaniLeigh’s latest IG story only fanning the flame.

The singer shared an post in her IG Stories following the viral rumor yesterday, which could be seen as a subtle response to it. Or, we’re thinking too much into it. The post in question finds Dani asking: “When I post my man, y’all want to see his HAND or his SHOE???” This of course would seem to poke fun at the fact that we haven’t seen any proper proof that DaniLeigh and DaBaby are boo’d up, beyond the identical balconies– but perhaps her next story will also include either DaBaby’s hand or his foot? 

DaniLeigh Alludes To Exposing Her Man
Screenshot via DaniLeigh IG

Surely fans will be watching with eagle eyes in any case. We’ll have to wait and see what comes of this possible relationship, if anything at all.

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