One of the West Coast’s biggest rap legends of all time, Dr. Dre doesn’t need to do much to cement his legacy further. He’s already touted as one of the greatest to ever do it, having worked with some of the biggest stars over the years. Entire movies have been made about him and countless artists list him as an influence in their own careers. 

In the basketball world, Kobe Bryant built his legacy in Los Angeles as a member of the Lakers. While his story was different from Dr. Dre’s you could easily understand why Dre had so much respect for the all-time great. Bryant and Dre both excelled in their fields, rising above all competition and becoming legends. 

In order to celebrate the life and legacy of the great Kobe Bryant, Dr. Dre hung up a stunning painting of the late talent in his home.

Dr. Dre Shows Off Kobe Bryant Tribute Painting
Angela Weiss/Getty Images

A picture shared by John Hill, an artist who has designed pieces for Future, Mike Tyson, The Game, Russ, and more, shows Dr. Dre holding up one of his recent artworks, which he acquired for his mansion.

“Shout out to the [goat] @drdre for taking in my Kobe painting,” wrote Hill on Instagram.

Take a look at Dr. Dre with his new Kobe tribute below.