Landlubbers beware, for Action Bronson has taken to the sea. Today marks the release of his brand new album Only For Dolphins, which arrives complete with some fresh artwork painted by the man himself. Not only that, but it also features twelve news tracks and plenty of outlandish and creative Bronsolinio bars. In fact, there’s a case to be made that Action is the funniest man in hip-hop, the absurdity of his imagery often enhanced by the dry manner of his delivery.

Over production typically reminiscent of an old-school foreign film, Bronson quickly reestablishes himself as an unconventional leading man. “All this marvel got me feeling like a roman,” he muses, in the opening track. “Pacific ocean to put my toes in, smoking green slime like Nickelodeon.” Though never quite urgent in pace, Bronson’s colorful linguistic acrobatics that keep the journey continuously engaging, complemented effectively by production from Alchemist, Daringer, Harry Fraud, and more.

Despite what the title might suggest, Only For Dolphins is an enjoyable ride outside its intended audience. Those who have already come to appreciate what Bronson brings to the table will find much to savor here, and newcomers should benefit from a heightened dose of his creativity. Check it out for yourself now.