Spike Lee feels for his friend, Woody Allen, who’s been accused of child sexual abuse for years by his adopted daughter. Spike recently spoke to Michael Riedel and Len Berman on 710 WOR’s “In The Morning” about his new Netflix film, Da 5 Bloods. During their conversation, Spike came to the defence of his friend and fellow director, whom he believes has been some kind of victim of “cancel culture.”

Spike Lee Feels For Woody Allen Amid "Cancel Culture": "I Know He’s Going Through It"
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“I’d just like to say Woody Allen is a great, great filmmaker and this cancel thing is not just Woody,” he said. “When we look back on it we are going to see that—short of killing someone—you can’t just erase someone like they never existed. Woody is a friend of mine…and I know he’s going through it right now.”

Spike Lee Feels For Woody Allen Amid "Cancel Culture": "I Know He’s Going Through It"
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Back in 2017, Woody’s adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, wrote an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times detailing the alleged sexual abuse he committed against her when she was a child. “I have long maintained that when I was 7 years old, Woody Allen led me into an attic, away from the babysitters who had been instructed never to leave me alone with him,” she wrote. “He then sexually assaulted me. I told the truth to the authorities then, and I have been telling it, unaltered, for more than 20 years.”

During his appearance on “In The Morning,” Spike also spoke on the current protests against systemic racism that have been happening all over the world in recent weeks. “What is uplifting to me is that people are marching all over this God’s Earth for Black Lives Matter,” he said. “There’s definitely something in the air…people come together, people want police reform, people want justice and I think we are in a special moment in the USA.”