The coronavirus pandemic took a toll on major retailers to mom-and-pop shops across the country, and the world specifically. Establishments that typically rely on patrons actually spending time at their location were without a doubt among those hit the hardest. Starbucks, for example, is having to shut down hundreds of stores. 

Chuck E. Cheese is facing even bigger turmoil. According to reports, Chuck E. Cheese could be shutting down their stores permanently. The company is allegedly scrambling to remain afloat as it nears $1B in debt. The owners have, however, approached lenders to gain a $200M loan to help them out. 

Chuck E. Cheese was still functioning during the pandemic as they operated under “Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings” which was a takeout option that operated from their kitchen. “Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings, named after another favorite member of Munch’s Make Believe Band, shares kitchen space with the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, ensuring high-quality, fresh ingredients,” they said in a statement.

For Boosie Badazz, this is the latest is a series of unfortunate events that he’s left to dwell on. He took to Instagram to air out his grievances on the news.

“I just found out Chuck E. Cheese goin’ bankrupt. 2020 fucked up, man. I never thought Chuck E. would be gone. I ain’t never think Chuck E. Cheese will be gone,” he said. “2020 fucked up. Chuck-E-Cheese, man? The best pizza in the world. I gotta tell my lil’ girl Chuck-E gone.”

Check the clip out below.