It looks like 6ix9ine has accomplished everything he wanted to so far since making his official return to social media and the music scene. The rapper has been extremely active online ever since he made his comeback a few weeks ago, starting beef with practically everyone imaginable while his new single, “GOOBA,” racked up numbers and broke records. Now, he’s taking a bit of a breather from social media, at least until he drops his follow-up to “GOOBA.” On Sunday (May 17th), right before he was supposed to battle Akon on IG live (although we were pretty certain that wasn’t going to happen anyway), 6ix9ine announced that he’ll be taking a break from Instagram, only to return once his new music video (and, presumably, a new single to go with it) drops this Friday, May 22nd at 3:00pm EST.

“I proved I’m the king of Instagram,” he wrote in the caption. “AND I TOOK BACK THE KING OF NEW YORK. I proved that to you with numbers. The internet was dead without me.”

6ix9ine Announces Release Date For New Music Video Before Taking IG Hiatus
Bob Levey/Getty Images

6ix9ine had already teased the prospect of a new music video on a few different occasions. He had initially made a deal with his fans that if “GOOBA” went No. 1 on the charts, he’d drop the follow-up. However, after he himself revealed that Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s “Stuck With U” was likely going to snatch the throne from him—which 6ix9ine believes was a result of Billboard “manipulating the charts”—he had to come up with another strategy. So, he decided that if a photo of him showing off his ankle monitor while attempting to lick his foot got 500K comments on Instagram, he’d give his fans a new video. It appears as though he succeeded in that endeavour, so buckle up for some new 6ix9ine coming your way this Friday.