We’re soon to receive Lil Tecca’s debut effort Virgo World, and until that time comes, the New York rapper continues to share new music. Recently, Tecca gave us his “Royal Rumble” single along with a visual, and now he’s back with “Our Time.” The rapper describes his latest track as “Dancehall Tec,” as the beat taps an islands vibe. While the track itself seems a bit upbeat, lyrically, Lil Tecca spends his time complaining about the stressors fame, including people using him now that he’s developed a name for himself.

This is a common theme for the rapper, as he also mentioned the woes of celebrity on “Royal Rumble.” The 18-year-old artist’s star is continuing to rise, especially with Virgo World right around the corner, so he’s learning how to navigate the industry while also formally introducing himself musically. Stream “Our Time” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

It’s like, ’cause they ain’t get fake, I get bigger (Nah)
Sometimes I don’t even wanna get bigger
I remember when I didn’t look in the mirror
Now I see I’m the man when I look in the mirror (Oh, I’m the man)
Are you really the man that you see in the mirror?