Lil Uzi Vert decided to get extremely candid with his Twitter followers this Christmas. While at first it seemed that Uzi might have been replying to fans as a means of promoting his new single, Futsal Shuffle 2020, he later revealed the true reasoning behind his tweet-spree: “It’s because I’m by myself.” The Philly rapper often shares when he experiences bouts of sadness and whenever he does, our hearts collectively ache. 

Tragically, Uzi’s loneliness hasn’t been relegated to the holiday season. After someone suggested to Uzi on Twitter that he get tested (for some reason), Uzi responded that he has no reason to because he hasn’t “had sex in like 2 years since end of 2018.” Skipping over the fact that the end of 2018 was not two years ago, Uzi’s confession came as a shock to many considering the sexual themes in his music and the general conception of rapper life.

In order for Uzi to not feel ashamed of his dry spell, Nav came to his side and admitted that he too has not had sex in two years. Mike Dean offered some words of encouragement in the replies, writing, “Well. It’s a new decade.” Multiple fans referenced one of Nav’s lines in his 2017 collaboration with Uzi, “Wanted You” – “Hit it from the back while Uzi stand in front of you” – reminiscing about the rappers’ formerly-active sex lives. The whole situation is reminiscent of when, earlier this year, Nav claimed he would quit music if Uzi did. Clearly, Nav is a loyal friend.