When all is said and done, Future may very well go down as one of hip-hop’s commercial juggernauts, if he hasn’t already solidified that position. If it wasn’t already abundantly clear, Future has once again earned himself a slew of platinum plaques, this time pulling in a major haul of fifteen shiny new wall decorations. 

Future Secures Fifteen Platinum Plaques In One Fell Swoop
 Paras Griffin/Getty Images

As of today, we’re looking at the tally as such: “Rich $ex” certified platinum. “I Won” with Kanye West certified platinum. “Neva End” certified platinum. “Honest” certified platinum. “Blow A Bag” certified platinum. “Move That Dope” with Pharrell and Pusha T certified platinum. “Trap N**gas” certified platinum. “Fuck Up Some Commas” certified triple platinum. “Low Life” with The Weeknd certified seven-times platinum. “Stick Talk” certified double platinum. “Where Ya At” with Drake certified quadruple platinum. “Used To This” with Drake certified double platinum. “Turn On The Lights” certified double platinum. “Mask Off” certified seven-times platinum. And last but not least, “Fine China” certified double platinum. 

Clearly, the people have spoken, and many have eagerly chosen Future as their champion. Given that he doesn’t appear ready to slow down in the slightest, expect Future’s collection to grow in the coming months. Good thing the man has plenty of wall space, as he’s going to need it at this rate. Congratulations to the Atlanta legend, and may he continue to enjoy the spoils of High Off Life and the rest of his timeless back catalog.