Trina & Trick Daddy Have IG Live Battle & It Was Hilariously Out Of Control

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Trina, Trick Daddy
Trina and Trick Daddy had their own IG Live Battle, and it was as wild as you'd expect from these two longtime friends.

They weren't going to wait for anyone to give them a platform, so they created their own. Trick Daddy and Trina have been friends and collaborators for decades. They've given us classic favorites like "Nann N*gga," "Shutup," and "Take It To Da House," so instead of jumping on Timbaland and Swizz Beatz's Verzuz train, Trina and Trick Daddy decided to host a friendly Instagram Live Battle of their own.

We may not get a collaborative album from the two of them, but they certainly showed up and showed out on Live. Music fans who are used to seeing the calm energy on Verzuz were hit with absolutely, hilarious chaos with Trick and Trina. There were all sorts of people in both of their Lives, and at one point, Trick even puled out a smoke machine. You couldn't see anything on his end, and when a bit of the smoke cleared, he wasn't even on screen.

There were some live performances and it seems like the two rappers weren't far from each other because Trick reportedly pulled up at Trina's house. The event was fun for fans who were able to sing along to some of their favorite Trick Daddy and Trina tracks, and considering these two have collaborated repeatedly throughout the years, this was more of a joint effort than a battle. We were able to gather some mixed reactions as well as clips of the Live, so you can check all of that out below.

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