Sorry to all the fans out there who were hoping for a Trick Daddy and Trina record, because it doesn't seem like these two will be collaborating anytime soon. The latest Love & Hip Hop Miami season has followed these two rappers and longtime friends as they attempted to recreate their chart-topping success from their 1990s "Nann" days. However, it was obvious that they were finding it difficult to work with each other decades later and reality television cameras captured their tense moments.

In a clip from next week's Love & Hip Hop Miami reunion special, Trina has had it with Trick and goes all the way off on him. When host Nina Parker asks if there is any hope for the TNT project, Trina kills all of our hopes and dreams. "It's definitely wrapped," Trina says. "We had an agreement. Twelve songs on the project. I do four, you do four, we do four together. That simple. I'm not gonna go by his rules. I'm not gonna do the songs he wanna do since 1998. We're gonna do new music and what I wanna do and collaborate together, or it's not gonna happen. That's why it's not done."

"I got my four records," Trick Daddy said. "The problem is the four records that she got, they're pretty records." Trina interrupted him saying, "I'm a pretty ass girl!" Trick goes on to explain that fans didn't fall in love with "pretty ass" Trina, but with the "ratchet ass" version of the rapper. He says that their fans aren't like today's fans and if he lays a verse down, he's got the hardest bars on the track.

Yet, Trina jumped in to make it clear that Trick was really upset because her verses were harder than his, and that's where the real conflict began. Trina yelled at him as he stood up trying to take control of the situation, and soon both rappers were on their feet. Trina told him, "I killed you on the verse and that's why you mad, so let's talk about that...I did your record, and I murked you on the record."

The accusations came with "oohs" and "ahhs" from the audience as the remainder of the cast watched the heated exchange awkwardly. Trick showed out and says, "You ain't gon' say Miami without saying Trick. I started all this!" Trina wasn't going to let him have that, so she told him, "The last time you were on a record was because Trina was on there!"

Then Trick must have pushed a button, because when he said "If it wasn't for Trick Daddy, it wouldn't be no motherf**king Trina," things became explosive. The two stood up and were moving toward one another, which caused security to step in and make sure they stayed separated. So, we're guessing the TNT project isn't just a wrap, it's a wrap wrap.