Weeks after Pop Smoke was murdered in an affluent area of Los Angeles, there are still many questions circulating about his death. The rapper had just released Meet The Woo 2 and was in a Hollywood Hills residence when he was shot and killed during a home invasion. Following the tragic news, Blueface came forward with a bit of advice for artists who make their way to L.A. Some people thought he was telling rappers to “check in” with streets prior to landing, but in an interview with Bootleg Kev, Blueface stated that wasn’t what he was saying at all.

Blueface Clarifies Telling Rappers To "Check In" When Coming To L.A.
 Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

“The way they took what I was saying like, go find your local hood that’s affiliated with what you—honestly, that’s the last thing I’m promoting,” said Blueface. “If anything, go find you a regular, square that’s got maybe a gun license or permit or even a security guard or even a friend of a friend that can pull up and provide you with the utensils that you need to defend yourself.”

He doubled down that he wasn’t telling rappers who come to Los Angeles to contact gang leaders in order to get permission to move around the city. “That’s the last thing you should do,” the rapper added. “They gonna extort you! F*ck that. We ain’t payin’ nobody sh*t.” Bootleg Kev said he thinks that people need to keep their guard up more than getting the “artillery” they need. “They see the palm trees, they’re in the hills,” and they get distracted. 

Blueface added, “They don’t know that the ‘hood is a 20-minute drive. They coming, for sure.” Watch Blueface with Bootleg Kev on Real 92.3 below.