Late last night, the NBA decided that all operations would be suspended due to one of its players contracting the Coronavirus. Of course, that player was Rudy Gobert who then went on to transmit the virus to Donovan Mitchell. These developments are quite shocking and have sent the sports world into a complete state of panic. Now, the NBA will wait and see what to do next as many of its players and teams enter a quarantine protocol.

This morning, numerous sports talk shoes are reacting to the news, including FS1’s Undisputed which is hosted by Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Bayless and Sharpe are known for their arguments but on today’s show, they were in agreement on pretty well every single subject. The two had a somber tone as they discussed last night’s events and it was apparent that they were shaken up by it all.

Bayless noted that this was one of the most shocking sporting events in recent memory and that he was quite shocked by it all. He even admitted that he never really thought the virus was a problem until Gobert was diagnosed with it. Sharpe on the other hand, agreed with the NBA’s decision as it was conducive to public health.

Stay tuned for updates regarding the league’s next steps as we will be sure to bring them to you.