Mya's Secret Seychelles Wedding May Have Been Staged

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Mya secret wedding married My Truth Seychelles music video

Mya's secret wedding in the Seychelles last year may or may not have been legit, after her music video for her song, "The Truth," shows her marrying herself.

Mya made headlines this week when the singer allegedly got married in a secret ceremony in the Seychelles late last year, but now it looks like the wedding may have just been part of a music video for her song, "The Truth." The news broke on Wednesday that Mya had reportedly gotten married to a mystery partner in a secret wedding in the Seychelles months ago. Though she's been linked to notable men like Dave East, Larry Johnson, The Game, and Jay-Z in the past, Mya has kept her relationship matters super private these past few years, so it makes sense that nobody would have any idea who she supposedly tied the knot with. On Friday, the singer addressed the speculation surrounding her unknown spouse, however, by sharing a photo of herself on Instagram standing on a beach on Seychelles Island, wearing a beautiful white gown and veil. She captioned the photo, "Thank you for all of the beautiful messages & happy V-day. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’™~ Officially, Mrs. Lansky. Wedding day link in bio."

By visiting the link in Mya's Instagram bio, her followers presumably thought they'd also find out who her mystery spouse is, and they were partially right. The link leads to the official music video for her song, "My Truth," in which Mya, donning the same bridal look from her IG photo including the wedding dress and black, pulled back hairdo, marries a different version of herself wearing a black gown with her blonde hair down.

While she may have gotten married to herself for these visuals, the question of whether or not Mya actually did get married in real life remains, due to one little detail in her post: she referred to herself as "Mrs. Lansky." Who is Mr. Lansky? And did she actually marry him, or is her "truth" that she has chosen to "marry herself" as an act of self-love? More questions than answers remain, but Mya is doing a great job of keeping everyone on their toes.

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