Mobb Deep Bodied An Eerie Banger On "Allustrious"

On the twenty-first anniversary of "Murda Muzik," revisit one of Mobb Deep's most slept on cuts, "Allustrious."

BYMitch Findlay
1999 Loud Records1999 Loud Records

These days, it can sometimes feel that Mobb Deep are one of hip-hop's more underappreciated groups -- that's not to say that Havoc and Prodigy aren't respected, but they tend to get overlooked when discussions of greatness arise. In reality, the New York duo is one of the most influential acts in rap history, helping to shape the sound of East Coast gangsta rap as we know it. That's largely in part due to Havoc's stellar production work, which found him consistently conjuring grimy and downright eerie bangers on a recurring basis, as he did so on the Murda Muzik standout "Allustrious."

With the project officially celebrating its twenty-first anniversary today, it feels appropriate to celebrate one of the project's dopest cuts. Though never quite reaching the iconic heights of some of their more popular tracks, "Allustrious" is classic Mobb Deep -- which is to say, two badass emcees trading effortless and appropriately murderous bars over a spooky and sinister boom-bap beat. As is always the case when the game loses an emcee, it feels bittersweet to hear Prodigy putting in work on this one. "Challengin' the Mobb in the arts," he scoffs, as the song concludes. "Our literature stands colossal compared to y'alls." 

Happy anniversary to Mobb Deep's fourth studio album Murda Muzik, and rest in peace to P. What do you think of this one?


P holds the pen tightly, explode nightly
I count on one finger all y'all rap niggas that excite me
Y'all n****s is trash rap - wanna fight me?
You shook to death, take breaths and step lightly
Y'all Little League n***s is so bald they might be

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