The holiday season tends to bring out the giving spirit in people who can afford to give. Cardi B hit up Target to spend thousands on toys for a children’s charity. Future’s nonprofit, The FreeWishes Foundation, turned an Atlanta park into a winter wonderland last weekend for local families to enjoy hot cocoa, giveaways and activities. Kylie and Kris Jenner went to the San Fernando shelter to hand out meals and gifts

Blueface wished to help those in need too, but went about it all wrong. On Monday, the offbeat rapper pulled up to downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row neighborhood to toss cash on the homeless from atop his car. Skid Row is known to have a high concentration of homeless people, so Blueface knew he’d be able to benefit many while exerting minimal effort. Blueface shared a video of his charitable stunt on his Instagram page, but instead of receiving praise, he’s being scolded for his insensitivity. People are saying he could have distributed money in a way that wasn’t so dehumanizing and humiliating for the homeless.

CupcakKe has joined the chorus of detractors, retweeting the video of Blueface and calling him “a real life CORNBALL.” How do you feel about Blueface’s way of celebrating the season of giving?