Last night, police were looking to do DaBaby dirty for the Holidays. As he was performing at Bojangles Coliseum in his home state of North Carolina, several cops were conducting a search of his vehicle, ultimately charging him with possession of marijuana. Though the full story has yet to be unveiled, DaBaby took to Instagram to explain his side, accusing the arresting officers of skirting the rulebook and handling things sloppily. Case in point, they didn’t even remove the wristband they slapped on him. 

“This how you know the police did wrong,” says DaBaby, raising his wrist to the camera. “I’m in there waiting to see the magistrate for three hours. They made me take twelve different mugshots, fuckin’ with me. The two arresting officers come and tell the C.Os ‘we need Jonathan Kirk’s property, and take me back out the intake door, the same door they brought me in handcuffs. I’m walking in the jail on my way out. Everybody in the world who ever been to jail, especially in Charlotte, know it’s policy to cut this band off you before they let you out the door. They didn’t take me out the right door, they took me out the same door they brought me in.

DaBaby Puts "Dirty Cops" On Blast Over Sloppy Arrest
Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

“They illegally searched me. Illegally arrested me,” he continues. “Stupid ass n***as illegally released me. What I got a property bag for with a citation? Wrist band still on my wrist. N***as dropped me on 4th Street and put Star 67 on my phone, asked me if I wanted to make a phone call. I said ‘hell nah, unblock the number.'” When the police allegedly refused, DaBaby brought up his right to make a phone call at the jail. As Baby tells it, the arresting officers were already looking to cover their tracks, a fact he was quick to point out to them. “Ya’ll in mutherfuckin’ trouble dawg,” he explains, vowing to keep the bracelet on until Christmas to effectively show news outlets. 

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