Suge Knight was shot 6 times at a VMA party hosted by Chris Brown in August, and while the Death Row mogul has been able to recover from his wounds, no arrests have been made for the shooting. Early on, it was reported that Suge had refrained from cooperating with the police, giving them no leads on who could have been behind the attack. Thanks to some security footage, TMZ reports that the cops have been able to identify their suspect, but are still not able to make an arrest for the time being.

Apparently, investigators don’t have enough evidence to take the shooter in, which once again goes back to witnesses’ unwillingness to participate in the case. Police are hoping for someone to speak up so they can move in on the suspect.

Initial reports indicated that gang ties may have played a role in the shooting, as Knight, The Game (who was at the venue earlier in the night), and most recently Chris Brown have all been speculated to be affiliated with the Bloods.