It seems it doesn’t matter whose expense it may be at, if Snoop finds an image funny, it’s going on his Instagram. Snoop infamously caught some flak when he posted an image making fun of Iggy Azalea’s looks, and now he’s shared one taking aim at Wiz Khalifa’s colorful new hairdo — though this time it seems a little more light-hearted.

The pic, which shows Wiz’s newly purple locks beside a dog with a wool hat of the same color was posted by the Doggfather with the caption, “Swank u wrong for this hahahahah!!” (Swank being the originator of the meme). 50 then re-posted the image, and much like Snoop before him didn’t want to take credit for the clowning, but did find it rather amusing. “I can’t stop laughing oh shit, I’m starting to cry.snoop put this shit up,” he wrote.

Check out the image below. Is this the Iggy beef all over again? Or will Wiz see the humor here?