With his highly anticipated album, Tetsuo & Youth, only a few days away, Lupe Fiasco decides to treat fans to one last leak before it arrives called “Mural”, and we’re more than happy to bring it to you.

Doing what he does best, Lupe hops on the soulful production and delivers a lyrical onslaught for nearly 9 minutes straight. Highlighted by its vicious rhymes & crazy flow, this record may need more than a few spins to fully digest, but trust me that’s not a bad thing here. Following in the footsteps of “Madonna” & “Adoration of the Magi”, “Mural” serves as another strong addition to the upcoming album, and all the more reason to pre-order it a few days early.

Check out the new record and let us know what ya think! Tetsuo & Youth drops January 20th.

Quotable Lyrics:

Raw chemicals, vitamins and minerals
Vicadin with inner tubes, wrapped around the arm
To see the vein like a chicken on the barn
Top cat chat, let’s begin another yarn
That’s flying saucer cheese, or is it chicken parm’
But roosters don’t fly like boosters don’t buy