Today is a strange day in history as 6ix9ine was finally sentenced and Trump’s impeachment is moving forward. While Trump’s impeachment is far more important, everyone has been anticipating the outcome of 6ix9ine’s case especially after he took the stand in September. The rapper was hit with 24 months in prison with 13 months considered as time served.

6ix9ine is expected to be out next year but Twitter made a concerted effort to remind Charlamagne Tha God of his oath and how he’s managed to escape his fate. If you don’t remember, Charlamagne, around the time of 6ix9ine’s arrest, said that he’d perform, fellatio on the rapper if Tekashi beats the case. Now, the clips surfaced the Internet over the weekend before the judge sentenced 6ix9ine and naturally, everyone roasted Charlamagne on Twitter for such a bold promise.

With the judge announcing the sentencing, someone tweeted, “Ain’t no one more relieved about that 6ix9ine sentencing than CThaGod,” along with a gif of Denzel Washington. Charlamagne simply retweeted the laughing emoji.

The thing is Charlamagne said if 6ix9ine beat the case which didn’t happen. Cooperating with the feds and beating charges are two entirely separate things. Regardless, the rainbow-haired personality won’t be invited back to the Breakfast Club for any sort of interview after his release in 2020. 

Check out some of the funniest responses below.