All year round, people have anticipated the outcome of Tekashi 6ix9ine's case. Today, the judge finally sentenced the rapper to 24 months behind bars with 13 months counting towards time served. Ahead of his sentencing, the rapper was allowed to take the stand and speak his final words.

"When people see me, they don't only see Tekashi 69, the arrogant - I'm a human, I got organs just like everyone in this room. They see Daniel Hernandez, not Tekashi 69," he said to the judge. "I wanted the world to see me as an example, that you are in control of where you go. I used my platform to push the message, If I did it, why can't you? I gave people hope."

The judge didn't necessarily appear to believe everything 6ix9ine said but the rapper did only get two years which is drastically better than the 37 years he was looking at. On the other hand, his baby mama, Sara Molina, doesn't think a bit of what he said was genuine. She shared indirect commentary to the situation on her Instagram story suggesting that he was only speaking what would sound good in court. 

"'I gave people hope' this n***a thinks he's a PROPHET OF GOD LMFAOOO HURD YOU MOSES," she wrote before taking jabs at him after the judge called him out for using his daughter as an example for an early release.